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Dutch economic advisor calls for a Bitcoin ban even as

An official of the Central Planning Bureau (CPB), an independent, publicly financed policy arm that advises the government of the Netherlands, said today that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should be banned in the country. The director of the ‘Centraal Plan Bureau’ (CPB), an economic research institute that advises the Dutch government, wrote an essay that […]Read More


Bitcoin is slow, impractical, and eco-unfriendly, says Bank of America

Bitcoin (BTC) is “exceptionally volatile,” “impractical,” and extremely harmful to the ecosystem, said Bank of America’s (BofA) analyst in a research report cited by TheStreet today. Titled “Bitcoin’s Dirty Little Secrets,” the report stated that there is “no good reason to own Bitcoin unless you see prices going up.” And the prices mainly go up […]Read More


Anti-Privacy Regulations Pose Risks for Crypto Investors, Bank of America

A Bank of America cryptocurrency report warns of the risks and potential market disruption from anti-privacy government measures. Cryptocurrencies “challenge the ability of governments to levy taxes and to control capital flows more broadly,” according to a recent report from Bank of America Securities obtained by CoinDesk. Uncertainty over how the U.S. governments will act […]Read More