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Crypto makes you ‘your own bank.’ But how secure is

Crypto banking refers to managing digital assets, i.e., cryptocurrency, at a financial technology firm or financial services provider. This kind of banking can include anything from holding a crypto balance, making payments, and even earning interest on your cryptocurrencies. The main advantage of using crypto banking is that it removes the traditional banking payment system […]Read More


Is Jack Dorsey the qualified face for crypto banking?

Square, which is known for its disruptive innovations in the field of finance and technology, has announced that it will be launching a new platform to support decentralized financial projects using Bitcoin. The decentralized finance movement, or DeFi, is gaining momentum. And Square may be the first major company to make a significant impact on […]Read More


Frances Coppola: Stablecoins Rely on Shadow Banking

We often talk about central banks creating fiat money. In fact, most fiat money is not created by central banks but by commercial banks. Furthermore, not all of the banks that create and hold fiat money are regulated banks. Many are what we know as “shadow banks.” In the cryptocurrency network, there is a whole […]Read More


India Plans Bitcoin Ban Even as Its Banking System Gradually

The Indian government is planning to introduce a law that would effectively ban Bitcoin. Local media reports that the Ministry of Finance has moved the proposal for inter-ministerial consultation. India’s decision to ban cryptocurrencies surface even as it faces one of its worst credit and banking crisis. The Indian government may ban Bitcoin. According to […]Read More