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Norway’s minister of climate Sveinung Rotevatn is a Bitcoin ‘hodler’

Norway’s minister of climate and environment Sveinung Rotevatn sits on a stack of Bitcoin, he revealed in an interview this week. “[It’s] a well-suited store of value,” he said, adding that mining—using powerful computing equipment to validate transactions on and maintain the network—did pose considerable environmental challenges. Going Bitcoin Norway is popularly known for its […]Read More


Environmentalists say Bitcoin must do what Ethereum is doing to

The New York Times published an article featuring calls from experts saying Bitcoin will eventually need to follow what Ethereum is doing and change to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Bitcoin’s ravenous demand for electricity is an undisputed fact. But things get muddled when it comes to where that energy comes from, i.e., fossil fuels […]Read More