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The Upside of a Gensler-Led Crackdown

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler yesterday delivered lengthy testimony before the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, covering a variety of topics including the agency’s plans for more structured regulation of cryptocurrency. With many in the industry decrying what has often appeared to be a scattershot and improvised approach to crypto regulation, Gensler told the […]Read More


What does China’s crypto crackdown mean for the industry?

The latest crackdown has compelled many bitcoiners to scramble for the exits, leaving their diamond-handed counterparts to issue witticisms that underline the former’s shaky resolve. One Twitter user, for instance, pointed out that many of bitcoin’s critics refuse to buy the asset “because China controls it” – while others sold “because China banned it.” So […]Read More


Could Paraguay emerge as a Bitcoin mining hub after China

Bitcoin miners were dealt a blow in May as the Financial Stability and Development Committee of the State Council of China announced further controls on financial risk. The announcement was the latest in China’s long-running friction with the cryptocurrency industry. But this time, given the Chinese Communist Party’s promotion of its digital yuan, it looks […]Read More


Crypto traders turn to OTC platforms amidst Bitcoin crackdown

Millionaires in China are turning to over-the-counter services to trade and buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies even as the local government says it would crackdown on the sector, as per a report on business outlet Bloomberg today. Rising exchange rate Officials in the country said earlier this month they would hunt down and end mining […]Read More