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Dapper Labs Acquires Influencer Platform Brud, Launches Unit Focusing on

Non-fungible token (NFT) powerhouse Dapper Labs has acquired the influencer platform Brud and is launching a new business dubbed “Dapper Collective” that will focus on helping communities build decentralized autonomous organization (DAOs) via its Flow blockchain. No terms were disclosed, but the compensation was all equity-based, according to Dapper, the company behind the popular NBA […]Read More


¿Qué hacen realmente las DAOs?

Las criptomonedas, como cualquier activo especulativo, se mueven por bombos y platillos: Elon Musk tuitea y el mercado responde; China toma medidas drásticas y los inversores corren a esconderse. Las grandes ideas se convierten en iniciales del tamaño de un bocado, como ICO o NFT. Read this article in English. La más reciente palabra clave […]Read More


What Do DAOs Actually Do? — CoinDesk

That’s largely because DAOs, in their current form, have an almost impossibly broad ambit. It’s worth making sense of the chaos: What should a DAO actually do once everyone has found their way to the paywalled Discord channel? Crypto utopians say DAOs are the new companies, but, for now, many just operate like social clubs; […]Read More


DAOs May Be the Future of Work, but Don’t Bet

“A lot of the people who went through this, were at the top of the wave, they’ve been able to go on to build communities that do other things,” said Soleimani. “In the case of, for example, Joseph Delong, who was an Eth 2.0 developer at ConsenSys, he decided of his own volition to join […]Read More


This U.S. state could legally recognize Ethereum DAOs

DAOs are heralded by many to be the next step in the evolution of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and one US state could end up taking that leap of faith…legally speaking. DAO bill in Wyoming The Wyoming DAO bill passed the Wyoming Senate committee and would soon begin to vote on a bill that allows […]Read More