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Bitcoin Developer Jonas Schnelli Receives Open-Source Grant

Marathon Patent Group (MARA) announced Thursday it will bankroll the work of Bitcoin Core developer Jonas Schnelli. The year-long grant is worth $96,000, payable in bitcoin. Previously, Bitmain funded Schnelli’s work before nixing his and other’s grants last year, something Marathon Patent Group highlighted in its correspondence with CoinDesk. “Bitmain cancelled all of their funding […]Read More


Allen Farrington: What Open-Source Money Seems Like

Ludwig Wittgenstein once asked a friend, “tell me, why do people say it is more natural to think that the Sun rotates around the Earth than that the earth is rotating?” The friend said, “well, obviously, because it just seems like the Sun is going around the Earth.” Wittgenstein replied, “well, what would it seem […]Read More