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UK calls out Kim Kardashian for promoting knock-off Ethereum, but

The Chair of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Charles Randell, singled out Kim Kardashian for her role in promoting Ethereum knock-off EthereumMax (EMAX). In this respect, Randell admitted the FCA’s reach only extends to “registering UK-based cryptoasset exchanges for anti-money laundering purposes.” As such, Randell is calling for greater regulatory powers to deal with all […]Read More


U.S. feds bust Instagram star for promoting Bitcoin scams

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn bust one ‘Jay Manzini’ yesterday on charges of perpetuating a wire fraud using Bitcoin, city outlet Daily News said this morning. Buying Bitcoin over Instagram Identified as Jebara Igbara, the man hunted for potential victims on social app Instagram and marketed a fiat-to-BTC scheme to his millions of followers. Bitcoin, the […]Read More