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Stablecoin Feature in New York Times Signals Regulation Is Coming

Regardless of what path U.S. regulators take, they can’t go it alone, the article observes. Without international cooperation on stablecoin regulation, the stablecoins could just move elsewhere. Such international regulation might come in 2023, the Times noted, when the global Financial Stability Board is targeting final adoption of stablecoin regulations it’s working on. Source linkRead More


Bitcoin Slips Below $45K as S&P 500 Futures Drop, Stablecoin

Bitcoin fell as concern over China and caution ahead of this week’s Federal Reserve meeting weighed on U.S. stock index futures. Speculation that the U.S. government may declare stablecoins as a risk to the financial system could be adding to uncertainty in the crypto market. The top cryptocurrency by market value is currently priced at […]Read More


‘This isn’t about Ripple’: Crypto community reacts to SEC’s ‘regulation

The US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) rigid approach is being called out by market participants, legal experts and industry insiders, all independently accusing the agency for its autocratic attitude and shortage of communication.  The largest cryptocurrency trading platform in the US, Coinbase, publicly disclosed that it has been left in the dark by the […]Read More


SEC head Gary Gensler warns of ‘even more’ crypto regulation

Senator Elizabeth Warren recently released the letter Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Gary Gensler sent in response to her request to address the “opaque and volatile” crypto market and resolve whether the Congress should intervene.  Determined to rein in crypto, Senator Warren wrote to the SEC Chairman last month inquiring concrete input on what […]Read More


UK watchdog shifts Bitcoin ads regulation to ‘red alert’ priority

Britain’s marketing regulator Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has announced that it plans to increase its efforts in curbing irresponsible or misleading cryptocurrency ads, Financial Times reported today. “We see this as an absolutely crucial and priority area for us. Where we do find problems we will crack down hard and fast,” Miles Lockwood, director of […]Read More


50 Korean crypto firms apply for new licenses as strict

Fifty crypto businesses based in South Korea have applied for a license under the new Information Security Management System (ISMS), a government-backed certification that certifies companies that meet stringent standards of data protection and privacy. Crypto regulations are coming The regulation takes effect in September 2021 and is one of the first certifications for crypto […]Read More