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SEC demands to see Ripple’s Slack communications amidst ongoing XRP

The United States Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a motion this Monday, requesting Judge Sarah Netbrun an order compelling Ripple to search and produce relevant employee messaging on Slack. SEC filed an emergency motion for a discovery conference regarding Ripple’s internal correspondence on the business communication platform as the legal battle between the regulator and […]Read More


US courts deny the SEC to view records related to

 The discovery phase of the lawsuit against Ripple Labs continues as Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn denied, in part, the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) request for additional discovery. Ripple’s fair notice defense, which the SEC unsuccessfully moved to strike, is built around the US SEC actions and not its own conduct, since the company […]Read More


U.S. courts deny SEC from viewing Ripple’s legal documents pertaining

The US Security and Exchange Commission´s (SEC) motion to access Ripple Labs´ legal communications regarding XRP‘s regulatory status was denied, a new filing shows. The appointed judge stated that the requested communications are protected by attorney-client privilege. Ripple caught a break The US SEC filed a complaint against Ripple last December, alleging that its sale […]Read More


XRP is on the up and up following Ripple’s 40%

Ripple has announced a 40% acquisition in cross-border payments specialists Tranglo. Industry observers say this partnership will help Ripple meet the growing demand for cross-border solutions in the Asia region. Tranglo was founded in 2008 before cryptocurrency was a thing. It has developed a solid reputation around Southeast Asia since its formation. The price of […]Read More