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Bitcoin Sees Mounting Strength as Next Parabolic Wave Begins

Bitcoin has seen some promising signs of strength throughout the past few days and weeks The cryptocurrency has secured what appears to be a strong foothold above $50,000, which comes as many altcoins show signs of immense strength Where the market trends next will undoubtedly depend largely on whether or not BTC can maintain its […]Read More


Bitcoin Trend Strength More Powerful Than 2017, Only Just Beginning

The current Bitcoin uptrend is undeniably strong, but according to a technical tool that directly measures the strength of an underlying trend, it now marks the second-most powerful in history. What’s potentially even more exciting for cryptocurrency investors, is that on higher timeframes, the same tool says the uptrend is only just getting warmed up. […]Read More


Bitcoin has Yet to Shatter Its Key Trading Range as

Bitcoin and the entire crypto market saw a wild day yesterday, with strong bids sending most major crypto asset’s flying higher Some of these gains were erased today, with bulls losing their edge over the market as bears try to regain control The recent downtrend has been accelerating rather quickly, but bulls do seem to […]Read More